Situated in the heart of Northern Italy, the region is famous for its rich history in wine making and gastronomy. It is also known for its medieval architecture, music, cinema and art that is recognised and appreciated nationally and internationally.

The ‘golden’ soil in the region makes it conducive for vineyards to prosper, the mitigating effect the Adriatic Sea has on the coastal climate helps produce wines with character and complex aromas and flavours.

Golden Sparrow is a range of progressive Italian wines that represent the art of Italian winemaking. The wines are a reflection of Italy’s rich gastronomical and artistic heritage. A melange of old meets new, using indigenous and international grapes to truly represent Italy’s wine culture in bright contemporary packaging that appeals to the modern wine consumer


Italian wines are loved by consumers the world over for their diversity of styles, protection of indigenous varieties, food-friendliness and, quite often, great value. Italian wine dates back to 800 B.C. when the Romans were introduced to viticulture by the Greeks. The country was found to have the perfect climate for the cultivation of the art of viticulture and winemaking. With more than 350 wine grape varieties taking their roots across 20 different regions, it is no wonder that Italy is one of the world’s largest producer of wine, representing about one-third of the global production.

Italian vineyards can loosely be classified into three distinct regions: North, Central, and South. These different areas encompass a variety of climates, resulting in distinct aromas and flavours.


Situated in North-East Italy, Veneto produces more wines than most other noteworthy regions in the country. It is known for many famous Italian styles from Prosecco to dry white wines from Soave. Veneto is also known for elegant reds from Bardolino and critically acclaimed Amarones and Reciotos from Valpolicella. Today, Veneto produces over 85% of the Pinot Grigio in the country, and Italian Pinot Grigio’s have now become the most consumed white wine around the world. As an emerging region Veneto increasing prominence can be attributed to its wide offering of styles and varieties, from everyday wines to some of the most celebrated iconic Italian styles. Veneto boasts of 14 DOCG and 29 DOC regions today, 25% of wines produced in the region are made and sold under DOCG & DOC titles.

Emilia – Romagna

The region is considered Italy’s capital for gastronomy and one of the country’s most prolific wine regions. Its viticultural heritage dates back to the seventh century B.C., ranking it among the oldest of Italy’s wine regions. From the rolling hills in the west to the lower-lying plains east of Parma, Modena and Bologna, the region’s geographical diversity is significant and plays an important part in creating the varied terroirsfound here. Emilia-Romagna’s wine production is divided evenly between whites and reds, the dominant varieties being Malvasia and Lambrusco and of course Sangiovese to international varieties like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Golden Sparrow Pinot Grigio DOC

Region: Veneto

Nose: Fresh and vibrant with distinctive aromas of peaches and citrus overtones

Palate: Zesty with balanced minerality and flavours of citrus and white fruits

Food Pairing: Seafood pastas, fried calamari and grilled vegetables.

Serving Temperature: 10-12° C

Golden Sparrow Sangiovese IGT

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Nose: Intense bouquet with aromas of red berries and violets.

Palate: Well balanced with fine tannins and flavours of plum and currants

Food Pairing: Ideal with grilled or tandoori meats, paneer and mushroom

Serving Temperature: 16-18° C

Golden Sparrow Chardonnay IGT

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Nose: Fruit forward bursting with yellow fruit aromas

Palate: Refreshing, youthful and fruity, bursting with flavours of ripe tropical fruit with a balanced finish

Food Pairing: Pairs well with mildly spicy appetizers, lightly tossed pastas, paellas and other flavoured rice dishes.

Serving Temperature: 10-12° C

Food & Wine Culture

Italy is known for its wine and food culture across the world. Italian gastronomy is an integral part of their culture. For Italians, cooking is an art of living, and they prefer everything handmade from the scratch. The pastas, pizzas everything is made at home starting from the dough. Italian gastronomy, simple but tasty, is a culture that originates from the heritage of each family. Each of this food is then paired and had with the Italian wines with family and friends at the table. Golden Sparrow wines are easy on the palate and are food friendly. They can be paired with any cuisine without over-powering the food.


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